January 13, 2023

Jasmine Anderson

Jo and Kevin celebrated their love for each other with an intimate summer wedding at Waverley Estate with 8 of their beloved family members.

Cartier wedding bands in the summer sun before the wedding ceremony at Waverley Estate

Kevin and Jo liked the idea of eloping, just the two of them because they we believe a ‘wedding’ should be about two people and their shared love. However, they knew they had to include their family. So, their elopement became an intimate summer wedding at Waverley Estate with their 8 beloved family members. The great thing about this was that they could all stay at Waverley Estate together. Since everyone lives in different parts of the world, Jo and Kevin’s wedding was to be the first time the family came together since the pandemic.

Couple getting ready for their wedding. Putting on their shoes.

When asked to describe their “dream” wedding, Jo and Kevin explained that that would be a day with no pressure or expectations of a traditional ‘wedding’. They went to describe a day that included swims in the pool, do some cooking, exploring around the estate, and lots of chatting, drinking and eating together at a long table set up by the pool and under a string of lights.

Couple in the middle of wedding ceremony under a tree

Kevin being from Europe along with more than half of the family attending, they know they wanted a wedding that reflected that. From the chilled and relaxed summer vibe to their modern wedding approach and style.

Couple exiting their ceremony at Waverley Estate

Jo and Kevin also talked about the photos they were imagining, letting me know that they love modern Mediterranean, contemporary Tuscan, minimalist, candid, black and white, imperfect / blurred and of course non traditional wedding photography.

Couple playing with each other's Cartier wedding rings

The was the most beautiful day full of all the gorgeous and meaningful things they cared about.

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Portrait of a wedding couple at Waverley Estate