Choosing a Great Getting Ready Location for Your Adelaide Wedding


May 18, 2022

Jasmine Anderson

Let’s use a popular getting ready location, Cremorne Street Coach House.

We will break it down to help you with choosing a great getting ready location for your Adelaide wedding.

Of all the questions I get asked in the lead up to a wedding, one that I actually don’t hear often enough is, “What’s a good getting ready location for my wedding in Adelaide?” I’ve found that many people neglect their getting ready wedding plans – even though where you will be getting ready is a pretty big deal. It can even influence how chilled your morning is, amongst other things, such as, how your photos will turn! There are so many factors to consider when thinking about where you will be getting ready on your big day. And, there are many options for ideal getting ready locations in and around Adelaide, but I’m going to highlight one popular accommodation near the city – Cremorne Street Coach House! 

How to Choose a Great Getting Ready Location for Your Adelaide Wedding

One of my favourite place for wedding parties to get ready is the Cremorne Street Coach House. Booking a beautiful Airbnb close to Adelaide will mean that you don’t have to travel far for your pre-wedding preparations. Instead of just getting ready at someone’s house or in a cramped and impractical hotel room, renting a stylish Airbnb guarantees a dedicated space where you can enjoy all-round relaxed vibes before the ceremony (and maybe even a cheeky Champagne breakfast). 

If you’re researching where to get ready for a wedding in Adelaide, you’ll want to pick a location that makes the morning of your special day completely laid-back and stress-free. 

So, what makes for a good getting ready location for your wedding?

Here are a few essential elements to lookout for:

  1. Great location, how close will you be to your wedding venue?
  2. Comfortable space with plenty of space!
  3. Windows! Available natural light – your hair and make up artist and your photographer will love you
  4. Aesthetics, is this a place you will enjoy seeing in your photos?
  5. Amenities you might need (bathrooms? bedrooms?)
  6. Inexpensive option (you’re probably already spending quite a bit on your wedding!) 

Now, let me us Adelaide’s Cremorne House as an example to expand on these elements further…

The location

Trust me the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is sitting in the car crisscrossing across Adelaide to your wedding venue/s. This is why I believe getting an Airbnb or something similar close to your venue is super amazing!

For city weddings, Cremorne Street Coach House is an easy 10-minute drive down Pulteney Street, right into the heart of the city. It’s positioned with easy access to Unley and Hyde Park as well as tons of shopping, cafes, and restaurants.

Spacious room

Is there plenty of room for

  1. A wedding party to gather and relax on the morning of the big day.
  2. Any family members who might pop in
  3. Your team of hair and make up artist plus your photographer and videographer?


A place with glorious windows are a photographer’s dream, as they provide beautiful natural light that lends a lovely ethereal quality to the photos. I worked with a hair and makeup artist Bianca Sumampow at the Cremorne House shoot and she’s just as much of a fan of its impressive natural lighting as I am. Bianca notes that quality lighting is crucial when applying makeup – she says it dramatically improves her judgement on shades and foundations and that the makeup always turns out way better than it would under artificial lighting. 

Full amenities

Cremorne Street Coach House also beats most hotels when it comes to amenities, such as a full kitchen (with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, oven, etc.), washer and dryer, TV, laptop-friendly workspace, and WiFi. There’s even a pool that you can access during the summer – a quick splash in the water with your friends can be a fun and refreshing way to begin your pre-wedding prep. There’s even a cute coffee shop around the corner, should your party require a barista-made caffeine or pastry hit.

Easy parking

If you’re meeting at someone’s house or at a hotel, finding parking for everyone in the bridal party can be a hassle. And if there’s one thing a bride doesn’t need on her wedding day, it’s extra hassle. At Cremorne House in Adelaide, guests get exclusive access to the garage below, as well as secure access from a laneway off Cremorne Street. Convenient parking also makes it easier for family, friends, and even vendors to stop by. The private entrance is ideal for guests’ discreet coming and goings too. Oh, and did I mention that all of the parking is completely free?

Wonderful host

Josephine is a truly amazing host and was happy to meet with me before my booking to go over everything in a friendly get-to-know-you chat. She always ensures that Cremorne is fully stocked with all necessities and even leaves tasty snacks out for guests on the day. The best part is that she lives next door, so she’s available if the guests happen to need any extra help or support.

Ok, it’s hard for me to describe just how special this space feels but once you experience it, you’ll understand my obsession! The bridal party has the option of facing a picturesque garden view while getting their hair and makeup done. Bianca says that she finds brides tend to get a little nervous (understandably) on their big day but whenever they look out at the pretty views of Cremorne House, they magically calm down. 

There are plenty of getting ready locations for an Adelaide wedding

if you have booked your wedding with us and would love some recommendations or guidance on where to book we would be happy to chat. Get in touch